second semester of ceramics

Ugly Jug

In this project we had to make a jug and put any sort of face we wanted on it. He generally wanted us to put ugly faces on it. I decided to make a coiled jug instead of working on the wheel because its a lot harder and i made my face ugly on it because i thought it would look funny.
Coiled Mug

In this project we had to make a whole mug out of rolled coils which is just clay rolled up into tubes. this project doesn't take long at all.Picture_004.jpg

3 Mugs Final
In our final last semester we were told to make exactly the same bowls and glaze them the same color well we had to do the same for this project as well only mugs, and the one on the way right is unglazed because i did not get the time to get it glazed. this project is just a simple pull then handle project didn't take long and i had fun doing it


Genie Bottle

This is called the genie bottle, nothing like a genie lamp but this one i had a tough time on due to the fact that we had to choke the top of it and kinda pull but it turned out fairly well and I am impressed with it.


Coiled Bowl

The coiled bowl was one of my favorites to to what we could have done in the end. i went with a splatter paint style, but its hard to see in this picture but we had to coil a bowl inside another bowl. so it was easy and turns out more round then the others. also we had to put something called clear glaze on it and it was to make it look shinier then what it was.